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Stelyana Nanova, CEO:

"I am proud to be leading our dedicated and passionate team. The 'Star Clean family' is much larger today than 14 years ago, but we have ensured our original philosophy has not changed: providing quality, service and value. We will always be able to deliver exactly what we promise, because we do not over-promise."

Star Clean Uk Ltd started in domestic cleaning business back in 2008, after I’ve decided that a new challenge is needed. Being small helps a lot in the beginning - overheads are low, paperwork is not overwhelming and one can really concentrate purely on providing the best clean. This is exactly what I did. Winning countless customers purely on a word of mouth basis with a touch of skilled internet marketing work. Having a clear understanding of what drives people looking to outsource their domestic chores proved invaluable. Armed with the knowledge of what my clients exactly wanted from such a service was the key point that helped Star Clean provide professional and reliable maids throughout London from the very early days.

Very soon the cleaning company started to grow rapidly and the team behind Star Clean began expanding. We kept listening to the feedback (we still think this is the best thing since sliced bread) and our business grew fast. We managed to pinpoint our efforts exactly where they were much needed in order to improve customer experience with Star Clean.

To date we have been a well balanced and profitable business that strives itself on repeat business and customer satisfaction. We never compromise on quality and believe in bringing value to your business through your vast level of services.

Clear communication and thorough training

We carry out monthly client meetings to review service by operational management.

Our professionally trained staff go through pre-site inductions and receive on-site training with annual refreshers as a minimum. It is a requirement that site supervisors speak English, and all our cleaning teams wear branded company uniforms and carry ID cards.

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So if you are looking for a professional cleaning company who is committed to its local community, please call us on 0800 612 216 5 or contact us for a free quote